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Infographic: Why You Need More than Engaged Employees

Employee engagement is necessary but not sufficient for achieving business goals

I Love My Job Employee EngagementHR teams have used workforce surveys for many years now to understand how engaged a firm’s employees are with the strategy, direction, and culture of their firm, and to assess whether measures to improve employee engagement are working or not.

But, in a complex, collaborative, and global work environment, employee engagement is still necessary but no longer sufficient for achieving business outcomes. Instead, firms and their HR teams should work to understand employees’ “engagement”, “agility”, and “alignment”:

  • Alignment: The connection between employees’ goals and those of the company.
  • Agility: The ability to sense and respond to change.
  • Engagement: Employees’ pride, energy, and optimism in their work and the work of their company. Engagement fuels individuals’ level of discretionary effort.

As the infographic below shows, HR teams that can provide senior leaders with a deep and nuanced understanding of all three of these factors are likely to make their firms more profitable.

CEB members use our ClearAdvantage framework, which is based on CEB’s research across thousands of the world’s leading companies, to understand alignment, agility, and engagement.


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