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Survey Says: Insurers Keen to Invest in Document Technology

Posted on  17 April 12  by 

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For insurance carriers, document and content management technologies support the recordkeeping of insurance forms and provide insurers’ with multichannel customer document delivery and communications capabilities. The high level of carrier investment in document & content management solutions is driven by external demands and internal constraints. 

Consumer requirements for multichannel sales and service, including electronic touchpoints with carriers via mobile devices, self-service Web portals, e-mails, and social media drive investment. In addition, improved customer experience and reduced expenses will only be achieved through consolidation of the multiple document systems currently used by insurance carriers due to the siloed approach to technology adoption as well as M&A activity. Carriers will seek providers that address carrier requirements for multichannel delivery and support enterprise-wide implementations.

To learn more, Insurance members can access Adoption and Investment in Financial Services Technologies: Insurance Document & Content Management to understand the industry’s planned adoption and replacement of document & content management technology, age of current technology, average annual spend, and expected budget changes.


More about the Survey

Adoption and Investment in Financial Services Technologies is a series of reports that provide findings on the current state of technology, installation dates, and spend and budget change for 94 areas of technology across financial services, including 15 focused on insurance. The reports are based on CEB TowerGroup’s survey of over 200,000 technology experts and executives between December 2011 and February 2012.

By leveraging the Adoption and Investment reports, insurance executives can learn more about the current technology landscape and make better informed decisions by utilizing the three distinct components of the offering. These components include:


State of Technology: This section provides an overview of the current state of document & content management implementation in the insurance industry, highlighting planned adoption and replacement.


Installation Dates: Executives can review projected installation dates for those firms indicating they plan to adopt or replace document & content management solutions, and also see the relative age of currently installed document & content management solutions across the industry.


Spend and Budget Change: Not only can executives review the average annual spend of firms that have or plan to adopt/replace document & content management solutions, but they can also review the expected IT budget change for these solutions among their peers in the insurance industry.

To learn more, members can download Adoption and Investment in Financial Services Technologies: Insurance Document & Content Management

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  1. Dan
    on May 29, 2012

    Thanks for the post. I have found this to be true with the insurance companies we have done business with providing document management solutions. They are very open to these new solutions and they are starting to understand how drastically they can improve their business processes and overall efficiency of their workplace!

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