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Using Inspirational Videos to Motivate Sales Employees

Posted on  6 June 11  by 


By Kirsten Robinson

A little inspiration can go a long way—which is why sales execs are using motivational videos to engage employees anywhere from sales training sessions to awards functions that recognize star performers.

But, with so many different options floating around, how do you decide which ones to use?

An executive in our Sales Talent Management Forum recently asked a similar question—he was curious to know which short, inspirational videos other organizations play at events.

Here are a few of the most popular ones suggested by members:

212: The Extra Degree

Multiple executives in the forum discussion praised this video as their favorite source of inspiration. “212: The Extra Degree” focuses on how putting in that one degree of extra effort can make an enormous difference and impact on results. For example, did you know that the margin for victory between an Olympic Gold Medal and no medal at all in the 2004 Men’s 800m race was .71 seconds?

Johnny the Bagger

Johnny the Bagger serves as an example that no employee or position is too unimportant or small to make a difference. In fact, they can change an entire organization. Johnny, a young grocery bagger with Down syndrome, motivated his peers by creating a customer service experience that dramatically increased customer loyalty and strengthened team morale.

Facing the Giants

Clocking in at six minutes, this football-themed video is the longest of the bunch, but it packs a punch. As one executive says, “Facing the Giants” speaks best to leaders that others look up to—telling them how their effort can influence the entire team’s behavior and bring in winning results.

What are your favorite inspirational sales videos?

SEC members, check out the full discussion about inspirational sales videos to see other suggestions from your peers.

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