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Is Smartphone Shopping Over-Hyped?

Posted on  16 February 11  by 


Mobile MarketingDon’t get me wrong: I believe the smartphone revolution is coming.  At MLC, we’re looking into our members’ experiments in mobile and we’re hearing lots of great success stories (much more to come on that throughout the year).  And if you haven’t yet seen this fascinating Morgan Stanley presentation on changes in tech you should read it as soon as you’re done with my post. They predict sales of smartphones will exceed all PCs by mid-2012.  Meanwhile Nielsen says smartphones will be roughly 50% of all mobile phone sales in Q3 of this year. Read More »

Building a Mobile Marketing Scorecard

Mobile Marketing ScorecardFirst, a little context.  We’ve cast a giant net to catch some of the best mobile marketing executions around the globe.  As we sift through hundreds of examples, we’re noticing some patterns that separate the world-class executions from the rest.

We thought we’d share a beta version in the interest of being somewhat (if not perfectly) helpful sooner, rather than later, since so many Council members are actively working on mobile executions for 2011.  And we’d certainly welcome your feedback and suggestions as we evolve to the next iteration. Read More »

How to Get More From Your Agencies

Agency ManagementAs the recession has (hopefully!) begun to wane a bit, and marcomm budgets are growing again, we’re finding that many members are either re-establishing relationships with agencies they had to cut in the downturn, or finding new agencies to pick up the slack. We figured it was worth taking a trip through our findings on agency relationships to re-introduce folks to the best practices of our network in terms of finding great partner agencies, structuring their work within the broader organization, and evaluating/compensating them according to their results.

Here are five ideas for getting the most out of your agency partnerships – you can find more here: Read More »

Connecting the Dots

Posted on  10 February 11  by 


Digital MarketingClearly marketing is very important, and the activities we as marketers do have monumental impact on the world (okay, so maybe we’re a little biased). But, even the most passionate among us could agree with the sentiment: ‘It’s not like we’re curing cancer.’  When it comes to marketing innovation approaches, however, perhaps we should think of it in the same way they are starting to think about curing cancer.

For instance, have you seen the Cancer Commons app that is generating buzz (and hope) among the science community?  Essentially it’s a Web application that enables cancer patients, doctors and researchers to connect with each other to share the best possible information and resources.  In the words of its creator, cancer survivor Marty Tenenbaum: Read More »

This Is Your Brain on Advertising

Customer UnderstandingThe week after Super Bowl Sunday is often the time for a fun debate on the best and worst commercials that aired – some of the most expensive television advertising we’re likely to see all year. What makes a memorable ad? Cute babies, a catchy soundtrack? New developments in neuroscience are shedding light on how the brain responds to ads and stores memories. Scientists believe different parts of the brain store different types of memories. For example, our prefrontal cortex supports cognitive memory while our amygdala houses behavioral memory. In fact, our implicit memory can influence attitudes and decisions without entering our conscious thought. Read More »

Mobile Marketing for Pharma and Health

Posted on  9 February 11  by 


With smartphone usage growing fast amongst both consumers and physicians, pharma is going mobile. Some 40% of pharmaceutical companies already use mobile to communicate with physicians, consumers, or employees, while a further 30% will launch their first mobile experiment this year (according to a recent survey).

Marketing to Healthcare Professionals

A full 100% of surveyed companies plan to target (or already target) healthcare professions with their mobile initiatives. This is the right starting point for investment in mobile, given both the regulatory complications of marketing to consumers and the high level of smartphone adoption amongst physicians. 72% of physicians are now using smartphones – mostly iPhones and Blackberries. Moreover, 80% are more likely to base a clinical decision on information accessed via Smartphone than on information from a journal.  That ability to access information in the moment makes all the difference. For pharma companies, ensuring that educational websites are mobile-friendly is a critical first step here. But leading companies are going further to make sure their sites are useful enough to merit regular visits.  These companies provide third-party data, latest news, and tools (e.g., medical calculators) that save physicians time. Read More »

B2B in the Superbowl: Attempts to Play

Posted on  8 February 11  by 


Superbowl Sunday is an exciting day for marketers.  Not only is it the greatest football day of the year (and an excuse to eat way too many chicken wings), it is the greatest advertisement day of the year as well…at least for those in the B2C world.  B2B marketers typically don’t have much to look at – except for maybe the girls.  But 2011 was a bit different.  Amidst a Coke-drinking, firework-breathing dragon and a dead grandpa revived by the magic of Doritos were not one but two ads for the new “enterprise Facebook” otherwise known as’s Chatter. Read More »

An Industry Advantage

Posted on  8 February 11  by 


Marketing TrainingYou’re now finding your buyers and consumers throwing caution to the wind, opening their wallets eagerly and jumping at the chance to buy your product no matter what it costs, right?

Well, probably not quite.  Even with things looking up slightly from last year, your buyers and consumers are still pulling your cost-value ratio through a fine-toothed comb. Read More »

The Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads of 2011

This year’s Super Bowl ads ran the gamut from as good as the second half of the game, to as bad as the halftime show. Congrats to Packer fans!

Here are our picks for the best and worst ads of this year’s big game. Agree/disagree? Let us know in comments. Read More »

B2B Content Marketing: How Much is Too Much?

Insight SellingBy Ana Lapter

The adage “Scientia Potentia Est” (knowledge is power) has a new meaning in today’s marketing world.  “Knowledge” has become synonymous with “information sharing” and “information visibility”.

The phrase du jour is “content marketing”, a strategy to educate customers and make them confident that the originator of information is the right and trustworthy choice when it’s time to make a purchasing decision.  Yet, how effective is your content marketing strategy in improving the bottom line? Read More »