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Posts from September 2010

Post-Recessionary Travel

Although the worst of the recession, at least for consumers, seems to be over, many habits left over from the downturn still remain. Consumers continue to exercise frugality in a number of areas, including travel.

Our sister program Iconoculture has been tracking consumer behavior in the travel sector, and several observations from this summer indicate that consumers are not quite ready to return to their free-spending vacation ways. A few examples: Read More »

Social Proof in the B2B Purchase Experience

Posted on  30 September 10  by 


In scouring B2B-related social media factoids for an upcoming webinar (see bottom of this post for registration details), three data points have stood out to me in the story they tell collectively. Read More »

3M’s Innovation Machine

MLC recently returned from a terrific member-hosted meeting at 3M’s Innovation Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, where we had the opportunity to learn from a company renowned for creating imaginative new products. We explored the “World of 3M Innovation” where the company showcases its 45 core applied sciences in interactive displays that let lucky visitors play with products under development. As you explore this fascinating world – much like taking a trip into the future – it’s hard not to ask: how does 3M generate such innovative new products year after year? What is it about this company that lets them shape the future and achieve impressive organic growth in the process? Read More »

Social Media in Europe: Thoughts from Last Week’s Roundtable

Posted on  29 September 10  by 


Last week, we hosted our Annual Executive Retreat on social media in London and got a sense of the current state of practice in Europe. Judging by discussion in the room, strategy-setting, organization, and educating the business on how to use social media are still key priorities for most European companies. Below are a few of the takeaways from the discussion in the room. Read More »

3 Ways Southwest is Protecting Brand Equity

Mergers and acquisitions can be tough on brands. You spend years, even decades, building rapport with your customers, telling your story, and helping customers recognize your differentiators. Although merging with or acquiring a competitor might make good business sense overall, the challenge for marketers is immense: how do you convince customers of the two prior companies that the new company still understands their needs? Read More »

Getting Thought Leadership to Sink In


By Whitney Satin

More than 70% of B2B marketers are racing to position their firm as a thought leader, but as our research on Insight Marketing shows, the success rates of these efforts are questionable at best.  Marketers invest a lot of time to arrive at edgy insights that have the potential to reframe how customers view particular business challenges, but these insights often fail to stick.  Why is that? Read More »

Why Web Content Marketing Plans Need Stock and Flow

MLC’s research has established that one way B2B companies differentiate themselves in areas other than price is by insight marketing: creating content that conveys credible and provocative insight into the customers’ world, and demonstrates how the your unique differentiators ultimately solve a customer’s business objectives.

If content is king, how do you get your customers to stay tuned in? After all, this is an era of fragmented attention: we have thousands of media outlets and advertisers vying for our eyes, especially on the web. Every week, dozens of interesting business books are published, and for busy executives, to-read stacks get higher and higher. For years, content producers have been told to go with the flow: assume your audience’s attention span is close to zero, and make your content snappy enough to be read quickly. Read More »

Three Approaches to Organization Structure

By Erin Lynch-Klarup

MLC recently kicked off a project on structuring global marketing organizations.  Over the next few months, our research aims to benchmark members’ current organization structures, and also to provide guidance on ways to overcome common structural challenges and trade-offs.

Getting up to speed on the literature around this topic, I’ve run into a range of takes on organizational structure.  These seem to generally fall into three categories: Read More »

Social Media in Asia Pacific: 5 of the Best Campaigns

Posted on  17 September 10  by 


Australian consumers spend more time on social media than any other nationality (over 7 hours per month on average) and the rest of Asia Pacific isn’t far behind (Nielsen report).  With such high adoption, it’s no surprise that a number of APAC companies are creatively leveraging social media to engage consumers. Here are 5 of my favorite social media campaigns from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and China.

  1. Tooheys 5 Seeds’ Scavenger Hunt: To launch 5 Seeds cider, Lion Nathan used Facebook and Twitter to organize a hunt for giant apples hidden around Sydney. The campaign combined real-world posters and online ads to drive consumers to a Facebook page that provided clues, photos of fans who found the apples, and daily prizes.  The “Apple Hunt” recruited 3,000 fans in two weeks and the Facebook page now boasts around 7,000 fans. I like it because: it cleverly blurred online and offline advertising and created a steady stream of new content (daily clues, photo updates, prizes) to maintain consumer engagement. Read More »

Marketing Planning Series: Recap

Across the last six weeks, Wide Angle has shared a variety of perspectives on marketing planning. As (hopefully!) the season draws to a close for most of our members, let’s take a step back and look at the ground we’ve covered:

As planning season got started, Anna shared thoughts on how to justify spend increases in a down economy, courtesy of Pat LaPointe of Marketing NPV. The takeaway here? Squeeze every drop from your current spend, make your priorities clear, and actively manage risk. Your CFO will thank you! Read More »