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The Final Awards of the Movie Season

Posted on  7 March 12  by 


With all of the Oscars handed out we have made it to the end of another award-winning awards-show season.  But thanks to the folks at Brandchannel there is one more round of awards, and these might be the most interesting to you: the Brandcameo Product Placement Awards.

Congratulations to Apple for appearing in almost half of all #1 movies (according to US receipts) last year.  And a shout-out to Transformers: Dark of the Moon for squeezing 71 identifiable brands and products into its 91 minute running time—that’s almost 1 product every one-and-a-quarter minutes.  I’ve seen commercials struggle to get to that concentration of product featuring!

The Brandchannel article also provides a few takes on the return on these movie investments.  Do you have questions on measuring the success of product placement, sponsorship, or other types of advertising?  Learn from your peers by posting your questions to our Primary Research Forum.

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