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Simplify Customer Decision Making: Take the Quiz

Posted on  8 May 12  by 


The purchase funnel: that theory is so 1898.  Our friends at the Marketing Leadership Council recently blogged on HBR about changes in consumers’ purchase processes, and it looks like all of the information barraging consumers has caused them to adapt their shopping habits to cope with the noise.

For almost one-third of consumers the information is too much and rather than conducting a considered search they drop the work altogether and just zero in on a single brand.  And MLC research has found that decision simplicity in the purchase process is the #1 reason why consumers are likely to buy a product, do so repeatedly, and recommend it to others. 

In fact, brands that simplify customer decision making are:

  • 86% more likely to be purchased
  • 115% more likely to be recommended

The Council created a 15-question quiz to help you determine how simple—or complex—you’re making your customers’ purchase decisions.  And you can also access their HBR article on the new Decision Simplicity strategy.

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