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Setting Up a Shopper Insights Shop

Posted on  5 March 12  by 

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Shopping is something we all do every day. Be it picking up a newspaper on the way to work, buying groceries for the week, or investing in a new computer, regular purchases are so integral to everyday living that we may often forget just how important and frequent shopping is. But, shopper insights functions haven’t forgotten! These functions serve as the research function within a consumer goods company that seeks to better understand shopping behavior and work with retailers to develop and implement ideas to improve sales. And with all the shopping we are doing, they are very busy!

Shopper Insights functions have responsibilities that are different from consumer/brand insights teams:

1. Figure out what the shoppers are doing and thinking!

  • Shopper insights teams seek to understand the shopping behavior of a retail partner’s consumers at the shelf, store, and sometimes category levels. 

2. Deliver insights to retailer

  • Shopper insights teams work closely with Category Management, Sales, and sometimes Shopper Marketing to produce insights designed to attract the interest of retail partners.

3. Work to share knowledge and findings with the brand/consumer insights function and the broader business

  • Insights about how consumers act in a store setting can impact the internal business partners traditionally served by consumer insights functions.

Leading shopper insights departments are developing new organizational structures and processes to help them achieve all of these goals. A recent Market Research Executive Board paper describes two different ways companies organized to achieve these same goals:

  • ConAgra Foods developed an organizational structure to facilitate for cross-functional collaboration and developed processes for research sharing
  • Hershey’ s developed an organizational structure to facilitate knowledge sharing and developed processes for cross-functional collaboration

Details about how these companies set up their Shopper Insights functions are available in our new whitepaper, Boosting the Impact of Shopper Insights.

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