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Must Read Websites

Posted on  9 August 12  by 


I am always looking for new go-to resources for interesting business perspectives and insight, and I found a new bunch to check out.  Leadership advisor Mike Myatt recently published a list of the 25 top websites for CEOs on, and not only does it have some terrific new leads for me; I’m proud to say that CEB’s site made his list! 

 There is a lot of good stuff on our corporate Web site for researchers, including content on:

And then there is my personal favorite section, a repository of Stats & Facts for Speakers.  Organized by corporate function, you’re sure to find an interesting tidbit to help you get through during your next business partner pull-up. 

And while Mike was recommending the publically available content on our corporate site, don’t forget that our members have access to even more information on our research-specific site.  If you haven’t been by in a while, check out what we have to offer on the following issues:

I’d love to hear what “must have” Web sites you use to stay current.  Leave your recommendations in the comments section below.

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