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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me Some Data

Posted on  16 October 12  by 


Market Research is in need of a matchmaker. No, I’m not talking about finding a date – we’ll leave that job to Yente. Instead, I’m referring to the decidedly unromantic field of multi-source data integration. With so much new customer information available, how do you find the right sources to marry (pun intended) with Research’s own data?

Good matchmakers are successful because they’re trusted and they know their clients well. Those same principles can be applied to identifying the best places to collaborate with other data source owners. Rather than leave it to individual researchers to seek out diverse sources, successful data integrators like TIAA-CREF delegate that responsibility to functional heads who have a broad perspective on their own departments’ resources and capabilities and the authority to directly collaborate.

Source owners meet regularly to discuss new project requests and the best ways to work together. MREB members, read more about how TIAA-CREF conducts planning meetings to ease collaboration and successfully integrate new data sources.

For large projects that require more coordinated knowledge sharing, a source contribution template can help organize the process. MREB members, access the template here.

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