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Eeny Meeny Miny Metric: Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Posted on  18 September 12  by 


Net Promoter Score®, Wallet Allocation Rule, Customer Effort: Just a few of the satisfaction and loyalty metrics commonly buzzed about. There are supporters and detractors for each of these metrics, and the many others that you could choose from. So, is there a right answer when it comes to satisfaction tracking? As with all multi-faceted decisions, the answer is, “it depends.”

Over the years we’ve spoken with many researchers about various satisfaction metrics, and have found that it isn’t the metric itself that determines the success of the tracking program; it’s how well the program addresses the needs of the organization.

Here are 5 success factors that enable a satisfaction metric to drive action within an organization:

  1. Organizational fit for the metric-successful programs require that the metric used fits from both a methodological and strategic perspective
  2. Executive buy-in-executive commitment to driving customer loyalty and the program itself cascades down through each level of the organization
  3. Persistent “selling” to the organization-constant communication helps to ingrain the importance of satisfactions and loyalty metrics in the organization
  4. Action-focused measurement-your metrics must inform strategic decisions that drive customer loyalty
  5. Thorough diagnostics-the satisfaction measurement program is more than a single number; competitive benchmarking, immediate responses mechanisms, and action planning are required to make the tracking actionable.

MREB members, learn more about effective satisfaction and loyalty measurement at our Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty resource center.

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