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Brand Preferences by Political Segment

Posted on  24 September 12  by 

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A few weeks ago I found an interesting study about television viewing habits by political parties, and the research showed that folks with different political affiliations have very different viewing habits.  Another study drives home the basic differences across the aisle on a brand-by-brand basis.

Earlier this summer, Buyology asked folks to rank their brand preferences, and, again, it seems that US political beliefs define very specific segments.  Some interesting findings:

  • Dems would insure their Jeeps with Progressive, while those in the GOP would protect their BMWs with Allstate
  • Democrats prefer Starbucks for coffee and Wendy’s for lunch, while Republicans caffeine up at Dunkin’ Donuts and eat at Subway
  • They’re not always at odds: Republicans and Democrats agree on some things: Coca-Cola, Visa, Google, Apple, and Olay seem to bring the parties together

MREB members, check out MREB Iconoculture for the latest consumer trends.  And for more information on neuroscience, a methodology favored by Buyology, check out our neuroscience resource center.

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  1. David Moloney
    on September 26, 2012

    That is an interesting survey. Although it would have been good to see a % strength number behind each brand, as otherwise it’s impossible to tell how strongly democrats / republicans prefer one brand over another in a given category.

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