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Applying Neuroscience to Business Decisions

Posted on  20 March 12  by 


“Using neuroscience makes Market Research a bit of a hero because we’ve got new news.”

Ah, the draw of having something new to say.  And as the researcher from a chemicals company quoted above said in a recent conversation, companies are drawn to neuroscience methodologies because it might give them something new to base their decisions on. 

But researchers trying to figure out when and how to apply neuroscience know that it’s not that simple.  We recently brought a few researchers who have experience with neuroscience methodologies together to talk about how they are applying neuroscience to business decisions, and the general consensus was that we still have a lot of homework to do.  Some of the more intriguing mysteries include:

  • Sample size-are the smaller sample sizes suppliers rely on really representative?
  • Global applicability-how do cultural variances impact neuroscience results?
  • Tying physical reactions to behaviors-will neuroscience become a new qualitative data source difficult to use to formulate business recommendations?

Read more about these and other issues as we investigate the use of neuroscience for market research.

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