The most important advance in selling for many years."

- Professor Neil Rackham, author of SPIN Selling

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The Best Salespeople Don't Just Build Relationships. They Challenge Them.

The Challenger Intro

In a world of hesitant, risk-averse, empowered customers, what sales approach consistently wins? To find out, CEB surveyed over 6,000 sales reps across geographies and industries. The research revealed that sales reps fall into one of five profiles, but only one consistently outperforms - the Challenger.

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Challenger™ Marketing

The new approach to demand generation, based on CEB's book The Challenger Sale, helping marketers stand out in a noisy marketplace.

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Best Seller: The Challenger Sale

What's the secret to sales success? If you're like most business leaders, you'd say it's fundamentally about relationships-and you'd be wrong.

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Interview with Neil Rackham

Listen to Neil Rackham, author of Spin Selling, discuss what makes Challengers different and why they are even more important in today’s selling environment.

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Harvard Business Review: End Of Solution Sales

While most professionals are trying to master solutions selling, the best target accounts where their needs are still undefined, individual buyers who are skeptical change agents, called "Mobilizers".

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