CEB's Procurement & Operations practice includes procurement, real estate and operations professionals from the world’s leading companies. We provide best practices, tools, and ideas from the world’s leading companies to improve functional performance, develop teams, drive innovation that unlocks new savings for the business, and transform the department into a more strategic function that delivers sustainable value over time.

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Building Strategic Leaders in Procurement

Learn the 6 specific behavioral competencies that set strategic procurement staff apart and how to identify them on your staff.

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The New Quality Imperative: Using Culture to Secure Competitive Advantage

Learn how values, not rules, can improve quality management.

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How Well Is CRE Meeting Business Partner Needs?

CEB's CRE360 Diagnostic provides insight into Corporate Real Estate’s overall impact on the organization and alignment with business partner priorities.

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Transform Your Supplier Relationships

CEB's automated scorecard platform, best practices, and training can help you develop a best-in-class SRM program.

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What Our Members Say | eBay, Inc.

See why eBay turns to CEB for support on mobility programs and other corporate real estate priorities.

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Implementing Sales and Operations Planning

Identify improvement opportunities and capture ROI in your S&OP and demand-supply planning process.


The Growing Importance of the Global Supply Chain

Truly "Customer-Focused" supply chains will be a primary driver of competitive advantage over the next decade.

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