Transforming Marketing Operations

CEB's offerings for marketing executives deliver insights that upend conventional wisdom and change the way organizations address both long-standing and emerging business challenges. With our guidance and tools, members improve their function's strategic impact while attracting and converting buyers.

Are You a Consensus Builder?

Take our short quiz to find out whether you're taking the right steps to build consensus, and download a copy of our article from the latest issue of Harvard Business Review.

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Is Marketing Spending Wisely?

Download the Marketing Spend Sensor for key findings from our 2015 benchmarking service to help inform your planning and to defend your budget.

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The Essential B2B Marketing Activities

Target the critical B2B marketing activities that will deliver the largest returns for your organization.

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Middle Market Report

Learn why most midsized companies' performance management systems are leaving money on the table.

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2014 Top Insights

Learn five critical trends that are shaping the business, and how leading companies are addressing key Marketing challenges.

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Challenger™ Marketing

The new approach to demand generation, based on our book The Challenger Sale, is helping its marketers stand out in a noisy marketplace.

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To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple

Read the Harvard Business Review article to find out how you can increase consumer loyalty by simplifying the purchase process.

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How Does CEB Help Members?

Watch this short video to find out.

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The Surprising Qualities of Today's High-Performing Marketing Teams

New CEB research reveals five profiles of Marketers that are common to all industries and fields of marketing:

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Client Testimonials for Midsized Companies

Hear how CEB members from midsized companies use our services to transform operations.

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