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The Challenger Sale - German Edition

CEB's international besteller on how to win in today's challenging sales environment is now available in German.

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2015 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

Join us at the 2015 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit and be a part of a powerful network that crosses the sales and marketing divide.

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Are You a Consensus Builder?

Take our short quiz to find out whether you're taking the right steps to build consensus, and download a copy of our article from the latest issue of Harvard Business Review.

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The Employee Performance Paradox

Competing priorities make it hard to achieve breakthrough performance.

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Changing Critical Perceptions

Create compelling communications content that breaks through the noise and changes stakeholder perceptions.

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CEB's Marketing to Small Business Summit

Join your peers at the 2015 Summit, featuring presentations and networking sessions aimed at helping you reach the ever-growing and changing small business market.

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Driving Marketing Excellence

Take part in our webinar series to hear how leading teams are assessing and developing the next generation of marketers.

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CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

Join over 900 of your peers at the 2015 Summit; featuring a variety of presentations, breakouts, and networking sessions, aimed at giving you new insight on how to solve your specific challenges.

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Inside the Millennial Mind

Everyone is trying to tap into the millennial mind; how can brands ensure they don't miss the mark?

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Challenger™ Marketing

The new approach to demand generation, based on our book The Challenger Sale, is helping its marketers stand out in a noisy marketplace.

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