Without Commercial Insight, Your Thought Leadership is Doomed to Fail

B2B buyers are learning on their own and delaying their contact with suppliers until late in the purchase. Most B2B marketers are fighting back with thought leadership—but this simply won't work.

Don't Teach; Unteach

Most thought leadership tries to teach customers something they don’t already know or believe about their business—often grounded in future trends or technology shifts.  It’s about their future business.  What their business could be

But thought leadership rarely changes the customer’s direction in the buying process.  And that means the same old purchase criteria and the same old price-driven competition.

The Challenger marketing approach unteaches customers something they already know or believe about the way their business currently operates.  Today. Only this kind of mental disruption can reliably reset the customer’s choice of purchase criteria decisively in your favor.  As a result, organizations using our Challenger marketing strategy employ four essential elements

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