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The Employee Performance Paradox

Competing priorities make it hard to achieve breakthrough performance.

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Key Imperatives in 2015

Learn about the key imperatives legal and assurance executives highlighted as most important for this year. Our research efforts will assess these challenges and provide actionable solutions.

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Q4 2014: Risk Intelligence Quarterly

Discover where risk, audit, compliance, and legal programs are headed in 2015, plus emerging risks affecting strategic planning worldwide.

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Manage Your Legal Department Like a High-Performing Business

In the face of modest budgets and leaner legal departments, General Counsel and their teams are increasingly relying on CEB Legal for tactics and tools to improve effectiveness and manage their department like a high-performing business.

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Rethink Your Compliance Training and Communication

Leading compliance departments recognize that when it comes to training and communication, they get a higher return on scarce budget dollars through strategically timed outreach at critical key career moments.

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Reduce Legal Fees Without Sacrificing Quality

Learn how to negotiate lower fees with outside counsel, create stronger billing and staffing guidelines, establish strategic alternative fee arrangements, and set up and evaluate a panel of lawyers.

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2014 Real Rate Report

Consider the 6 key factors driving today’s law firm rates before making strategic outside counsel decisions. Gain insight on how to best assess these fees, make smart pricing negotiations, and ultimately improve management of your external legal costs.

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Legal, Risk, and Compliance executives work with CEB to build plans that drive results, benchmark and allocate resources, and minimize exposure to risk and fraud.


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