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CEB IT's offerings identify the best economic outcome to difficult functional and IT management challenges facing CIOs and senior IT executives. Our insight is vendor independent and sourced from our vast executive network that spans the C-suite. Peer informed and immediately actionable, CEB's solutions help our members transform the IT function and elevate corporate performance by becoming not just better IT managers but also better business leaders.

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The Future of IT: Adaptive IT

To maximize value in an era where technology is everywhere, IT must become adaptive. Learn more about Adaptive IT.

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IT Transformation - What you Need to Know

Understand how IT leaders, including BP's VP of IT Strategy, are transforming their teams to deliver long-term solutions - and not just short-term results.

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Enterprise Leadership

CEOs need leaders who can increase collaboration, share best practices, and contribute resources towards outcomes that benefit more than just their own business units. We call them "enterprise leaders".

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The Employee Performance Paradox

Competing priorities make it hard to achieve breakthrough performance.

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Business Engagement Models You Need to Know

IT leaders have long worried about the best ways for their function to work with stakeholders elsewhere in the business and beyond. But in 2015, three trends are changing how stakeholders work with IT.

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How to Transform IT with Your Organizational Design

Many IT organizational designs are insufficient to meet increasing business demands. To truly transform IT to meet these demands, leading IT organizations redesign around end-to-end IT services.

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