Business Leaders Only Know One Speed. Fast.

Technology drives practically every part of the business today, introducing new opportunities for Corporate IT to create competitive advantage.  But, 63% of business leaders think IT is too slow to respond to new technology opportunities.

IT must adopt a framework that enables it to quickly reallocate resources as business needs change.

Adaptive IT: A New Framework for IT Management

To maximize value in an era where technology is everywhere, IT organizations must become adaptive rather than aim for a specific end state.

IT organizations should apply 5 principles that collectively make IT "Adaptive":


Excellence Should Be Targeted:
Focus efforts in areas where IT provides comparative advantage.


Role is Context-Based:
Adopt different responsibilities based on the operating context.


Judgment Shapes Process:
Apply judgment to determine the right level of process rigor.


Speed-to-Market Comes First:
Increase the priority given to speed-to-market when making trade-offs.


Technical and Business Talent Isn't Either/Or:
Sharpen IT's technical edge and business skills in parallel.