Better Plan, Source, and Optimize Your Global Talent

Leading HR organizations in recent years have moved from merely supporting workforce planning with internal data, to crafting talent sourcing strategies based on an acute knowledge of the organization and deep expertise of external labor markets.

According to CEB research, shifting from reactive to proactive talent planning drives 19% greater business impact. But at the same time, fewer than 1 in 5 companies are effective at aligning talent needs with business objectives.

A New Standard in Talent Decision Support

CEB TalentNeuron is a talent planning & analytics solution that provides data, analytics, and decision support on talent skills, costs, and availability. HR, recruiting, and workforce planning executives at leading companies use CEB TalentNeuron global labor market intelligence to impact key corporate objectives. 

Features & Benefits

Data, Trends & Analytics

800 "big data" sources capture talent trends for 741 cities in 95 countries across 514 skill sets and 75 functions, enabling you to find the right people in the right place

Intelligent Platform

Configurable, always-on web portal that aligns data to workflows, enabling better management of unstructured dashboards and more informed scenario planning

Talent Planning Services

Dedicated team of analysts to provide context and drive insights from harvested data, and subject matter experts to guide strategic talent and business decisions

Use Cases

Strategic Workforce Planning

How do I plan against external talent market factors that may pose a risk to business strategy?

Global Mobility Management

What are global trends for talent availability and cost of talent?

Talent Hub Selection & Optimization

How do I optimize the best talent across geographies today, and select the best hubs for future growth?

Recruitment & Sourcing Planning

Where can I source the top-tier talent for my current and future business operations?

Innovation & Outsourcing Management

How do I achieve competitive advantage in the talent marketplace given the hiring dynamics of competitors and suppliers?