Webinar Replay - Assessing Your Finance Talent: Lessons from Kaiser Permanente

Hear the CFO of Kaiser Permanente-IT discuss how they used CEB Finance Talent Assessment to identify and build finance capabilities on their team.

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Webinar Replay - How Leading CFOs are Developing Their Finance Teams

Listen to this webinar replay to hear now Nationwide partnered with CEB to develop key finance performance drivers.

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Balancing Governance and Guidance on Your Finance Team

Watch this short video to learn about the performance drivers that matter most in delivering value to the business.

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What Our Members Are Saying 

Learn how CEB's Finance Talent Assessment helped Energy Transfer identify skill gaps and find hidden talent to create a more effective Finance department.

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Finance Leaders Bemoan Talent Shortage

Finance leaders are raising serious concerns about the talent at their disposal. A recent CFO.com article profiles the results from CEB's survey of 650+ finance executives and what our research says finance leaders can do to overcome their finance talent shortage

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Steps to Closing the Finance Talent Skill Gap

CFOs are challenged with running a team that can meet increasing demand for financial insight while keeping total finance costs low. Senior Finance Executives have identified talent management as a key means of delivering the value the business requires, but report that their staff lacks the requisite skills.

CEB supports the world's leading organizations by providing solutions tailored to meet Finance's critical talent objectives.

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CEB Finance Leadership Council
Membership to CEB Finance Leadership Council provides access to decision-support tools, advisory services, and networking opportunities to inform organizational changes in talent strategy.

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Finance Talent Test (FiTT)
(Included in membership)
A function-level capability assessment that provides visibility into the critical competency gaps at your organization with respect to peer benchmarks.

Finance Talent Assessment (FTA)
Individual capability assessments and talent decision support that pinpoint individual skill gaps and provide clarity, actionable data, and resources to strengthen your finance talent bench

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CEB Finance Leadership Academy
Classroom development program designed to teach the broader business engagement and influencing skills to build the Pathfinder competencies required of Finance teams today.

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*Based on results from CEB's 2012 Finance Executive Priority Poll