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CEB offers opportunities in a variety of functional areas for students to start and accelerate their professional career. We encourage you to learn more about our internships and full-time career paths, and experience what it's like to know that "you're in great company."

Each year, CEB visits top universities to network with undergraduates and discuss the commercial, research, and advisory roles available upon graduation. We interact with students on campus throughout the fall and spring via career fairs, campus presentations, and other networking events. We also connect you with university alumni at CEB, and conduct interviews on campus and at our offices.

Explore our career paths to find the right entry point for your career, review our campus calendar to find out when we're visiting your school, and search our job openings for new graduates to find your opportunity.

  CEB is a great place to start your career. Not only does management invest time and training to advance your career, but this is probably the only job where you get the chance to interact with senior-level executives on a daily basis."

CEB is an idea company with the commitment to hire top decile talent to implement these great ideas and enable the success of our members. The right combination of business experience and higher education is a recipe for success at CEB and can lead you into a variety of more experienced roles at CEB.

Learn more about more senior level opportunities by reviewing our job openings.

  I immediately applied my graduate education to my work at CEB. My Marketing class has helped me to crystallize the needs of my clients and how our product should be positioned in sales and renewal calls."

Each summer CEB brings a select group of undergraduates to its Washington D.C. offices for an intensive 10 week internship. The program offers an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in research and commercial roles, and allows participants to begin building their professional networks through fun community and social events.

Please review our job descriptions for an overview of our intern roles, and access our job posting to start your CEB career via the intern program.

You're In Great Company
with Interns @CEB

Learn more about CEB's unique and enriching intern experience by reading blog posts from a few of our 2013 CEB Summer Interns.

2013 Intern Blog Posts

2012 Intern Blog Posts

You're In Great Company with Interns @CEB: The Subtleties of Volunteering

2012 CEB Summer Intern Lauren Chin shares a story about volunteering with her intern class.

Group photo

Stepping into the kitchen, we were only given two rules: plate the food neatly and smile. This seemed easy enough.

A few minutes later, I would retract that statement as I struggled to neatly plate no less than one hundred slices of messy chocolate cake while holding up our assembly line of food. If it was up to Gordon Ramsay, we would've all been kicked out of the kitchen five minutes in, and subjected to a verbal onslaught of insults about our inefficiency and inability to do anything right. (Let's be thankful Ramsay doesn't run a soup kitchen).

Many volunteers first came to So Others Might Eat (SOME) as individuals looking to use its services in order to rebuild their lives. In this manner, SOME takes a holistic approach to helping individuals. The staff reminded us that dishing out meals was just the smallest part of what they offered, alongside programs to ensure mental and physical health, find housing, and seek employment. Those staff who now ran the kitchen were a testament to the success of the program, while others like our program coordinator, Dirk, had arrived at SOME from a background similar to my own. As a college graduate, he studied foreign policy, French, and Arabic, but was not convinced that his job in diplomatic relations was the right one for him. Spurred by the urge to do something more significant, he left Paris in pursuit of a full-time position at SOME. This propensity to give back and seek tangible results is right in line with CEB's Spirit of Generosity.

That spirit is already alive and well at CEB, but in case you're looking for more inspiration to serve, here are a few reasons (some you might not have thought of) why volunteering - with SOME or with a similar organization - is a worthwhile venture:

  • You will never be asked to leave. In other words, there is always a need for volunteers at organizations like SOME. As long as you can put food on a plate, wash a dish, and mop a floor, you're needed.
  • You can live longer. Yes, actually. Multiple studies have shown that volunteering and helping others not only makes you a happier person, but can improve your life span. It's called a "helper's high," and similarly to a "runner's high," volunteering is known to release endorphins that slow the aging process and reduce stress.
  • It is satisfying. As the kitchen staff at SOME noted, there is something fulfilling and cathartic about being able to feed other people that makes you feel less hungry. It also makes you re-think the food you might waste.

While most companies — CEB included — strive to grow over time, SOME is actually hoping for the day when they are no longer in business. In fact, they're hoping to have an expiration date in the next fifteen or twenty years. Help them reach their goal of becoming obsolete by becoming a volunteer. Information is available at

Lauren Chin is a Research Intern in our HR practice. She is a rising senior at The Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2013.

You're In Great Company with Interns @CEB: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

2012 CEB Summer Intern Liren Truong shares her experience in what has become a summer ritual for CEB's DC Interns — a trip to a Washington Nationals game.

Group photo at baseball gameOn July 19, 2012, one of the hottest days since arriving at CEB's Washington, DC office, the CEB 2012 Summer Interns ventured out two miles from the US Capitol building to visit a less political DC landmark — Nationals Park. It was time for the annual Interns trip to a Washington Nationals baseball game.

The game had a slow start with the New York Mets taking the lead for most of the game, but the Nats had promise of a comeback in the bottom of the 8th inning. With two strikes already on the board, the score was 9-4 and the bases were loaded. Bryce "Clown Question, Bro" Harper stepped up to the plate, and the entire stadium held its breath as his bat made contact and the ball flew through the air. Unfortunately, the fly ball was caught by the Mets. The game ended 9-5 with a Mets win; but don't worry, the Nats beat them 8-2 the week after!

Although our top ranked Nationals were not able to secure a win that day, the baseball experience was not just composed of the game. Nats Stadium is packed with an overwhelming number of eateries, complete with culinary puns such as "Steak of the Union" and "Field of Greens." I personally made the trek to the furthest point away from our seats to grab some ShackBurgers and Frisky Fries from Shake Shack, and it was definitely worth it.

To beat the heat, our wonderful "Intern moms" — Jen Beyer, Becca Rees and Maggie Motley — advised us to take frequent water breaks; but we soon resorted to standing in the air-conditioned gift shop and watching the game from the screens for a few innings. After cooling off and checking out the presidential puppets for sale, we made our way back to our seats to "root, root, root for the home team!"

The Nationals baseball game was a wonderful day all around, because not only was it a great opportunity for the intern class to come together and have fun outside of the office, but I also achieved the personal record of paying attention to a baseball game for more than one inning! Who knew that my CEB Internship would give me a greater appreciation of "America's favorite pastime" and in the Nation's Capital nonetheless!

Liren Truong is a rising senior at Harvard University, Class of 2013. She is the Social Media Intern for CEB's Digital Marketing team.

You're In Great Company with Interns @CEB: Experiencing a Member Event —
CCC's 2012 Philadelphia AER

CCC group photo

CEB Research Intern Nicole Kyle discusses what it was like to participate in the Customer Contact Council's (CCC's) Annual Executive Retreat (AER) in July, including the rare opportunity to interact with members and attend the research presentation first-hand.

When my manager first told me that I would have the opportunity to travel to CCC's Philadelphia AER, I was astounded. In preparing for my internship, it became clear to me that one of CEB's most foundational products is the Annual Executive Retreat, in both the research and networking opportunities it offers to executives. I had never expected that as an intern, I would be able to help facilitate one of my program's most important member events, let alone meet and interact with members face-to-face.

This AER was called, "Ending the Customer Expectations Race: Improving the Customer Experience Through Guided Resolution." The material was built upon CCC research and centered on the idea that despite increasing customer demands in service experiences, providing 1) less choice for the customer and 2) more guidance on how to achieve resolution best promotes customer loyalty. About 25 senior-most executives at B2B companies attended the meeting.

Once we arrived in Philadelphia, the team began to prepare for the next day's meeting. The AER was a great platform for my first hands-on exposure to member events, particularly how member services and the research team work together to provide a meaningful member experience. The evening before the AER, I worked directly with my teammates and a member services representative to prepare the AER materials and make sure all was in order for the start of the retreat. I was truly impressed by the meticulousness of each team member.

After fitting in some sightseeing at Independence Hall and getting a quick view of the Liberty Bell, I had the opportunity to spend more quality time with my fellow CCC members. Over dinner, my co-workers and I shared thoughts on the research, the membership, CCC and CEB as a whole. I was introduced to team members I had not met before and was able to ask questions of my co-workers in a candid setting. This was a great opportunity to hear their thoughts on life at CEB and gain a deeper understanding of who my co-workers are and how they arrived at the firm.

The most fascinating take-away from my AER experience, however, was members' exceedingly high-level of enthusiasm for our research. Their reaction to the presentation helped me better understand the true business value a CCC — and CEB — membership provides. Members were seeing value in our research, which for me, helped validate my internship experience. Seeing the research "in action" also really brought a lot to life. The member-facing delivery — especially with knowing some of the strategy behind it — was very insightful.

Attending the AER really helped put the work I am doing on a daily basis into perspective. I am so thankful to have been able to attend my team's event and be a part of such an integral CEB offering. It was an invaluable learning experience, and I am glad to have been exposed to this unique dynamic of CEB, especially one that I might not have in the day-to-day. This opportunity allowed me to better understand the function of my program and forge deeper connections with my co-workers. It was a great experience!

Nicole is a rising senior at Duke University, Class of 2013.

You're In Great Company with Interns @CEB: CEB's Culture is Defined By Its Values

CEB Culture group photo

Lauren Burke (center) is a Product Marketing and Social Media Intern in CEB's Sales, Marketing, and Communications practice. She is a rising senior at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Public Health and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Management.

As a CEB intern, I have experienced many aspects of the CEB culture. One of the biggest components of any corporate culture is the company values. However, what makes CEB unique is how its values shine through every employee every day. The four core values CEB imparts on its employees are Spirit of Generosity, Force of Ideas, Member Impact, and Stewardship of Exceptional Talent. These values help create a workforce of both nice and smart employees.

Although Spirit of Generosity focuses on pleasing members whenever possible, I feel like this value is what makes CEB such a pleasant place to work. Even as an intern, everyone I have met has gone out of their way to make sure I have all the resources and help I need in completing my project this summer. Everyone seems genuinely concerned that I have the resources and autonomy to grow during my time here and learn about the company. People are willing to give you their time, thoughts, and help if you simply ask. This value fosters the collaborative culture that makes CEB a truly nice place to work.

Force of Ideas can be seen day-in and day-out simply in conversations throughout Waterview and in the research CEB creates for its members. The people I get to work with every day accomplish work that will carry CEB on to bigger and better goals in the future through its innovative ideas. People have been extremely helpful to me by sharing amazing ideas on my project. I am often blown away when I'm sitting in meetings and someone throws out a new idea. This value is ingrained in how employees carry out their work on a daily basis, culminating in groundbreaking ideas or research released to our members.

Even through this blog post, you can already tell how CEB is extremely member-focused. But Member Impact is a two-way street for the company and our members. The work I am helping to complete is focused on making an impact with our members. On the other hand, CEB members make an impact on the company by contributing their best practices to our research. I feel it is extremely unique to work at a company that views its members as valuable resources, instead of the price they are paying for their membership.

Although Spirit of Generosity best explains the "niceness" of the workforce at CEB, Stewardship of Exceptional Talent definitely explains the "smartness." CEB only recruits the best talent to come and work for the company. Everyone I have met has a unique story that has led to their individual brilliance they bring to the conference room tables. The people here really are just smart people. But what is more important is that the company and its people continue to foster your development while at CEB. Everyone I have met has been adamant that I learn and grow over the summer. CEB stimulates its employees intellectually so they continue to learn and develop throughout their time working with the company. I have already had so much fun working with smart people who are so passionate about the work they do every day. These values have made the first four weeks an amazing experience, and I'm looking forward to learning even more from my colleagues during the rest of the summer!

CEB Intern Series: View from Inside the Quarter Close

CEB Intern Blog

CEB Intern Catherine Hood reflects on the close of Q2.

From the windows of CEB's DC headquarters in Rosslyn, staff and visitors have an unparalleled view of summer unfolding outdoors. You can watch kayakers paddle on the Potomac and tourists meander along the Georgetown Waterfront. The National Cathedral rises from the distant hills, and Georgetown University commands the scene from across the river. It is a beautiful, tranquil picture – if you have the time to enjoy it. For me and the other members of CEB's revenue team, the end of June doesn't just mean the beginning of a new season; it's also one of the most important and intensely busy times of the year to close business.

As a sales intern who had only started working at CEB a week earlier, I was excited to be thrown into the hubbub of the first-half close. My team was working hard to engage members and secure renewals for the coming year. It was inspiring to watch all of that effort pay off as people surpassed personal, team, and company goals. Triumphant emails were flying, along with messages of encouragement. My inbox was flooded with reminders that CEB goes above and beyond to serve its members.

Those weeks provided insight into the intensity and work ethic required to meet not only quarter-end goals and but also half-year and yearly goals; it was a very positive and invigorating time to be a part of CEB. The revenue leadership works hard to make sure these long, busy days are fun and bring staff closer together. Here are a few of my favorite experiences from the quarter close:

  1. "In Days" — Given the strategic importance of these final weeks of the first half, revenue staff were getting in early and staying late to maximize their time connecting with members. I was amazed by the ways CEB showed its appreciation and made our long hours more fun and comfortable. The snacks from Chipotle and Chick-fil-A were my personal favorite perks.
  2. Competitions — Leaders from many levels of the company ensured each day was rewarding and motivating by facilitating competitions and campaigns. Senior company leadership got involved to bolster morale and productivity. My favorite reward came from a general manager who offered to write a haiku in honor of the team that was most productive over the course of a single day. He published the resulting poem on Chatter, CEB's internal social media network, for all staff to see. (The winning team, Team Derecho, is pictured above.)
  3. Team Effort — It was great to see the teams support each other with motivation and suggestions. It sounds cheesy, but the collaboration and camaraderie brought out the best in people despite the intense pace. During those last days, the other revenue interns and I were overwhelmed by all the action and the frenzied pace of new business being celebrated. And apparently, that's just the beginning. "You should be here in December," we were told. I'll be back at school by the time the Q3 and Q4 closing weeks roll around, but you can bet I'll be looking across the Potomac at CEB's building and imagining all the excitement that's going on inside.

Catherine Hood is a revenue intern with SMAC and a rising senior at the George Washington University, class of 2014.

CEB Intern Series: Halfway There

CEB Intern Blog

Summer intern Eleanor Griffin is a Sales and Account Management Intern in CEB's Benelux region. She is a rising third year at Durham University, studying English Literature. In this blog post, Eleanor talks about her impressions of CEB at the halfway point of her internship, having worked in Sales and Account Management for five weeks.

Waking up at 6.45am for the first day of my internship at CEB, I really had no idea what to expect. New to London, I slightly overcompensated for rush hour traffic and walked into the office an hour and a half early. Hastily retreating to a nearby café, I sat with nerves mounting to the point where I couldn't finish my pain-au-raisin, certain that nobody would like me and I'd be terrible at my job.

Returning to the office over an hour later (waving at the receptionist, "Hello…again.") I soon saw that my worries had been for nothing. Every person who spoke to us throughout our on-boarding day was friendly and enthusiastic about their job, and I quickly made friends with the other interns.

Indeed, when asked why they like working at CEB, most people say 'the friendly people,' and over my five weeks here I have certainly found that to be true. On the CEB website, 'Spirit of generosity' is listed as one of the company's most important values and it has become clear to me that this is not an ideal, but the reality which as an intern I feel the effects of every day.

The interns work in separate teams, and each of us has an individual mentor and manager. This strong support system helped me settle into the new environment very quickly. Whenever I was at a loose end in the first couple of days, I felt comfortable going up to my mentor who always swooped in and set me up shadowing someone, or often rearranged her own agenda so that she made her most interesting calls when I was sitting with her.

Working within such an environment has really empowered me to take control of my own internship. I feel confident emailing someone I have never met before and asking to shadow them, and now I try to organize at least an hour of shadowing every day so that I can get a feel for what each department in CEB does by the end of the 10 weeks.

When I'm not shadowing I have a project to work on for the length of my internship, alongside helping out members of my team with smaller tasks. I have been allowed to take on real responsibility, and I am being given jobs that will directly help my colleagues and actually have an impact on the business, which provides me with a level of experience that is pretty rare for a university student. Every week has been better than the one before as I grow in confidence when dealing with business matters, and learn more about working effectively in a professional corporate environment.

CEB Intern Series: The Final Stretch

CEB Intern Blog
Jealously Listening to stories of Mexico

As she approaches the end of her internship, Eleanor Griffin looks back at her time spent at CEB this summer.

As I sit here nibbling on my salmon and cream cheese breakfast bagel (courtesy of CEB as a “thank you” to my team) it is very easy to write about how fulfilling my experience at CEB has been. The bagel also serves as culinary inspiration for this blog: if I had to pick the thing that most impressed me about CEB it would be that hard workers really are rewarded.

Sitting opposite someone who in the last 10 weeks, as a result of overachievement, has been rewarded with a trip to Mexico AND an iPad Mini, has really highlighted the benefits of a sales career at CEB. Not only are you provided with a clear training program (the Sales and Service Professional Development program) that builds skills and competencies in a business environment, but there are tangible rewards to be reaped in the short term as well.

In my own experience even the smallest things are recognized at CEB. When I helped an Account Manager to prospect a short list of companies, both she and her Account Management Associate brought it up in a meeting in front of the whole team and my manager. To give another example, after helping my manager to create a new dashboard, I found myself not only attending but running a meeting with several staff who were more senior than me. To even be present at a meeting with such busy and prominent people within the company was unbelievable, but being heavily involved in the content discussed was an incredible opportunity for any CEB employee, let alone an intern!

This provides a neat segue into my other favourite thing about CEB. The lines of communication between everyone from intern to Revenue Practice Lead are very open and friendly. No one has asked me to fetch coffee or do some photocopying, and I haven’t been patronized or made to feel incompetent at any moment. Given that this is my first professional business-related job and I’m a student of English Literature (thus pretty much as inexperienced as you can get!) I think the level of trust my teammates have placed in me has been exceptional. Over the course of my internship I have taken on work to help people in the SSPD community, my manager, the HR department, player coaches, and even other interns! This has not only given me invaluable learning opportunities, but also helped me to build a wide professional network.

It seems impossible that the internship is already coming to an end. Although I’m looking forward to going back for my last year at uni, I have discovered over my time here that I really enjoy working life (as well as earning my own money). My whole attitude to my career has changed: I would say my ambitions are a lot more focused, and span over a much greater period of time. In addition, I have learnt that full time work can be interesting and intellectually rewarding as opposed to just a necessary means of making money. I know I will miss the people and atmosphere at CEB, and I am dreading the final goodbye. 10 weeks suddenly seems like a very short period of time — I’m not sure I’m ready to leave quite yet. Maybe I’ll just have to come back once I’ve graduated…

Eleanor Griffin is a Sales and Account Management Intern in CEB's Benelux region. She is a rising third year at Durham University, studying English Literature.

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