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CEB is the world’s leading member-based advisory company. We have a unique view into what matters — and what works — when capitalizing on drivers of business performance. With 30 years of experience working with top companies to share, analyze, and apply proven practices, we begin with great outcomes and reverse engineer to help you unlock your full potential.

Every year we equip more than 16,000 senior leaders from more than 6,000 organizations across 60 countries with the insights and actionable solutions they need to respond quickly to evolving business conditions and transform operations. We do this by combining our advanced research and analytics with best practices from clients across more than 88% of the Fortune 500, more than 62% of the Dow Jones Asian Titans, and nearly 85% of the FTSE 100.

As a result, our members achieve outsized returns by more effectively optimizing talent investments, creating new sources of efficiency, reducing risk, and enabling and accelerating growth.

CEB stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CEB).

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Products & Services

Best Practices & Decision Support

Thirty years ago, we realized that the most pressing challenges facing business leaders everywhere had often already been addressed — or were being solved — by other executives. That remains true today and is at the core of our business.

CEB offers more than 50 different memberships aligned to functional and key industry leadership roles. Our membership model is designed to deliver insights, tools, and advice that lead to transformative outcomes for your team and your company.

Leadership Councils

At the core of our membership programs are Leadership Councils through which we convene and provide support for decision makers in:

Market Insights

Market Insight memberships are specialized services that address the unique insight and analytics needs of leaders in Marketing, Compliance, and Financial Services. These include our industry-leading CEB TowerGroup and CEB Iconoculture offerings.

Talent Management & Measurement

We believe the difference between good companies and great companies is having the right people in the right roles, making talent the single largest driver of corporate performance. To optimize this potential, department and business leaders must link talent investments to outcomes and manage them with the same discipline and rigor they apply to other critical assets. With more than 10,000 organizations deploying our talent measurement solutions, CEB has the most comprehensive view into the drivers of leadership success, employee performance, and employee engagement. We use this knowledge to help you acquire and retain top talent through Selection & Assessment, Skill Development, Engagement & Alignment, and Sales Effectiveness services.

Tools & Solutions

Our Tools & Solutions leverage subject-matter expertise, data assets, and analytic methodologies to produce technologies and customized tools for enhancing and transforming business operations. These offerings focus on the practical, actionable applications of analytics and planning, and best-practice implementation.

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Business Model

CEB equips senior leaders and their teams with insight and actionable solutions to transform operations. This distinctive approach, pioneered by CEB, enables executives to harness peer perspectives and tap into breakthrough innovation without costly consulting or reinvention. The model works by:

  • Fostering a network of senior leaders in key functional roles;
  • Focusing on identifying their common challenges;
  • Using world-class research to identify and build on proven solutions accessible for mutual advantage; and,
  • Leveraging a global service infrastructure to deliver these insights, best practices, and tools.

Six Recurring Executive Challenges We Solve

CEB is committed to helping senior executives and their teams drive corporate performance. We do this by identifying and building upon proven practices that address key emerging and recurring business challenges, including:

  • Assessing Key Performance Trends and Risks
    Identify early-warning indicators and potential responses to key business risks.
  • Benchmarking Performance and Plans
    Improve leadership conversations and functional performance with deep comparative analysis.
  • Establishing Innovative Operating Approaches
    Implement new ways of working using progressive insights to evolve your function’s impact.
  • Organizing and Managing Critical Talent
    Access resources to help you motivate, manage, and build your team.
  • Driving Alignment and Support for Change
    Drive greater success in project execution by aligning key stakeholders to your initiatives.
  • Navigating Leadership Transitions
    Onboard yourself or a team member swiftly into a new role.

Features and Benefits

  • Proven Best Practices
    More than 300,000 tested approaches to solving business challenges derived from our network of more than 5,300 leading companies.
  • Research and Insight
    More than 200 unique studies published annually to help business leaders evaluate new issues and challenges.
  • Peer Benchmarks
    Relevant, quantitative data and analysis provide clarity on the most efficient resource allocation and high-impact areas of focus.
  • Decision and Diagnostic Tools
    Analysis and support provide customized, actionable views of the most important performance metrics in your corporate function.
  • Executive Networking
    On-request advice, feedback, and perspective comes from peer interaction with more than 15,000 leading executives as well as from online peer discussion groups.
  • Advisory Support
    Experts in more than 220 disciplines provide personalized guidance and project support for executives and their teams for pending decisions, new tactics, internal presentations, and other needs.
  • Live and Online Learning Events
    A wide variety of events exclusively for senior executives as well as staff training and skill development opportunities.

These features help our clients:

  • Focus effort.
    See around corners and cover blind spots.
  • Move quickly.
    Act with speed - not cost - don't reinvent the wheel.
  • Equip teams.
    Extend performance impact by enabling teams with new skills and tools.
  • Act with confidence.
    Make the right decisions when it matters most.
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Mission and Values

We unlock the potential of organizations and leaders by advancing the science and practice of management.

Member Impact

We define ourselves by the achievements of those we serve and believe that advancement of member interest is the only route to our own success. We are effective stewards of members’ contributions and confidences, and we relentlessly innovate to delight our current and future members.

Force of Ideas

We believe that great ideas—acute insights rooted in microeconomics and informed by human behavior—are essential to those accomplishments that change the fortunes of an individual, an organization, or the world. We discover and create these ideas and enable members and colleagues to act on them by delivering them in timely, targeted, and memorable ways.

Spirit of Generosity

We forge relationships with our members and with each other that go beyond the merely commercial. Our businesses center on generous exchange, both between professional peers and between our staff and our members. We derive honest joy from the opportunity to serve our members, our colleagues, and our communities.

Stewardship of Exceptional Talent

Our ambitions demand that we invest unusual effort in recruiting, developing, and managing exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds. We foster an entrepreneurial culture that enables outsized individual and team impact, grows businesses, and creates compelling careers. We set aspirational objectives, measure outcomes, reward outstanding accomplishments, and readily reinvent how we work.

Executive Leadership Team

Thomas L. Monahan, III

Tom Monahan
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Tom Monahan was named Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEB (NYSE: CEB) effective 1 January 2008…
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Tom Monahan was named Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEB (NYSE: CEB) effective 1 January 2008. He has served as Chief Executive Officer of the company since 1 July 2005, and as a company officer and director since 2001. Prior to this, he was a member of the firm's research and operating management team since the mid-1990s.

As part of the company's leadership for more than a decade, Tom has helped redefine how the world's leading companies make their most important decisions. By tapping the collective experience of and analyzing performance data from more than 10,000 companies, CEB has created authoritative insights and highly relevant management resources to help companies manage talent, innovation, and risk. The firm has been one of the fastest growing professional/information service companies globally throughout the past decade and has become one of the most respected authorities on management issues. Its network of active members has grown fivefold over that period.

During his 17 years with the company, Tom has led the firm's efforts on a wide variety of topics—including innovation and technology processes, operating and reputational risk, the structure and role of the financial sector, and employee productivity and performance. He has also partnered with CEB's service and advisory teams and members on six continents to drive outstanding corporate performance using CEB insights and tools. He is a widely quoted authority on management issues—particularly risk management, corporate governance, and ethical leadership.

Building on CEB's core ethic of service, the company's leadership team has also pioneered a range of innovations in community investment and philanthropy—including sizable community investments, pro bono advisory help, and a global service day.

Tom is also a member of the Board of Directors of Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG). He is a member of the CEO Fiscal Leadership Council, and serves as a Chair for Leadership Giving for Harvard University.  Tom also teaches Sunday school at St. Patrick's Episcopal Church and—along with his wife and daughters—is active in causes that facilitate the participation of women and girls in economic life globally.

Before joining CEB, Tom worked with Deloitte & Touche, the Committee for Economic Development, and Andersen Consulting. He holds an undergraduate degree magna cum laude from Harvard University and received his MBA with distinction from New York University.

Tom is a regular contributor to CEB's blog. See his most recent posts here.

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Thomas L. Monahan, III

Melody L. Jones
Chief Administrative Officer

Melody L. Jones is the firm's Chief Administrative Officer. From December 2005 until 2012, she served as the firm's Chief Human Resources Officer…
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Melody L. Jones is the firm's Chief Administrative Officer. From December 2005 until 2012, she served as the firm's Chief Human Resources Officer. Ms. Jones has firmwide responsibility for Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal and Compliance, Communications, Philanthropy, and the Member Meetings department. She is also responsible for managing CEB's Professional Services business, which delivers employee engagement assessments, development experiences for emerging functional leaders, and sales force effectiveness diagnostics and services.

Prior to assuming her current position, Ms. Jones served from 2002 to 2005 as the Human Resources Director for T. Rowe Price, a global investment management firm. In this capacity, she had overall responsibility for the global Human Resources function. Prior to joining T. Rowe Price, Ms. Jones spent eight years at Aon Corporation, a Fortune 50 insurance brokerage and consulting company, serving from 1998-2002 as the Chief Human Resources Officer. She joined Aon in 1994, as head of the Midwestern Regional Office of Aon Consulting. In 1996, she assumed responsibility for the HR Strategy and Technology consulting practice, and managed this global practice until assuming her role as CHRO for the corporation. Ms. Jones also served as a senior consultant with Organizational Dynamics, Inc., and held several leadership positions across a six-year tenure with Citicorp Mortgage.

Ms. Jones holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and a Bachelor of Music degree, both from Southern Illinois University. She has also completed post-graduate work in Organizational Psychology at the University of Missouri.

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Richard S. Lindahl

Richard S. Lindahl
Chief Financial Officer

Richard S. Lindahl was appointed Chief Financial Officer of CEB on 18 May 2009. Mr. Lindahl brings more than 20 years of financial…
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Richard S. Lindahl was appointed Chief Financial Officer of CEB on 18 May 2009. Mr. Lindahl brings more than 20 years of financial leadership experience to the firm.

Previously, Mr. Lindahl worked at Sprint Nextel Corporation serving as Vice President and Treasurer from 2005 to 2006 and Senior Vice President from 2006 to 2008. From 1997 until 2005, Mr. Lindahl served in various positions at Nextel Communications, Inc., including as Treasurer and in Planning and Analysis roles. He held the position of Vice President, Finance, at Pocket Communications, Inc., from 1995 until 1997. Before 1995, Mr. Lindahl held positions at MCI Communications, Deloitte & Touche, and Casher Associates.

Mr. Lindahl holds an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia and a BA in Computer Science from Dartmouth College.

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Steve Meyer

Stephen J. Meyer
Group President and Chief Commercial Officer

Steve Meyer is the firm's Group President and Chief Commercial Officer. He joined as General Manager in May 2009…
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Steve Meyer is the firm's Group President and Chief Commercial Officer. He joined as General Manager in May 2009, was named a corporate officer in 2010, assumed expanded oversight of commercial operations for professional services and the Asia Pacific region in late 2011, and for new product development in 2012. In his current role, Mr. Meyer's responsibilities include worldwide sales, service, marketing, and product planning and development. He also serves as a member of CEB's Corporate Leadership Team.

Mr. Meyer brings more than 25 years of experience driving profitable growth at leading services and technology-based businesses, spanning software, IT services, management consulting and information services. Prior to joining CEB, he served as Vice President at Dell Inc., where he led strategy, product planning, development and marketing for Dell Global Services. Mr. Meyer helped this division become the company's fastest growing major business and an innovator in packaged IT services and cloud-based service delivery. Mr. Meyer also served as Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Business Development at Trilogy Software, one of the largest privately held enterprise software companies, where his team's transformative work was profiled by CEB Marketing Leadership Council. Prior to Trilogy, Mr. Meyer was Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, where he advised clients on growth strategies and led transformation and performance-improvement initiatives. Mr. Meyer began his career at Chemical Bank (now part of JPMorgan Chase & Company), where he was Assistant Vice President providing growth financing for middle-market companies.

Mr. Meyer holds a BA from Duke University and an MBA in general management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Haniel Lynn

Haniel Lynn
General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Communications,
and Customer Service Practices, Financial Services Practice

Haniel Lynn is the General Manager of two practice areas within…
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Haniel Lynn is the General Manager of two practice areas within CEB: the Sales, Marketing, and Communications Practice and the Financial Services Practice. He has overall business responsibility for a range of research, advisory, and decision support products under the CEB umbrella and is also a member of CEB's Corporate Leadership Team.

Mr. Lynn was formerly the Executive Director of the New Business Development group at CEB, with responsibility for spearheading corporate growth and new product development. Prior to joining CEB, Mr. Lynn was the Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at LYTE, Inc. He also spent a number of years as a consultant with McKinsey & Company, where he served leading technology and media companies globally on issues of marketing, strategy, operations, and organization. In addition, Mr. Lynn has worked with GE Information Services, where his professional responsibilities included software applications development, product marketing and management, and technical client support.

Mr. Lynn received his bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Anthony Parslow

Anthony Parslow
Chief Operating and Customer Officer, CEB SHL Talent Measurement

Anthony Parslow is the Chief Operating and Customer Officer for SHL Talent Measurement. He is also…
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Anthony Parslow is the Chief Operating and Customer Officer for SHL Talent Measurement. He is also a member of CEB's Executive Leadership Team.

Mr. Parslow joined CEB in 2009 as the Executive Director of Corporate Strategy and Global Development with responsibility for managing CEB’s global corporate strategy, including all avenues for organic and inorganic growth. Within that role he also had responsibility for the Professional Services organizations and led the acquisition and subsequent integration of SHL Talent Measurement solutions.

Prior to joining CEB, Anthony’s achievements include strong leadership experience at IBM, Forrester and Datamonitor. In his time as General Manager at Datamonitor, the business achieved a 59% increase in profits and a 50% growth in share price before being sold to Informa for $1bn. He also led the successful acquisition and integration of Ovum. As Forrester’s COO for the EMEA region, he brought the business to profitability, led the integration of Giga Information Group in EMEA and also later led a turn-around project to re-establish growth in Forrester’s Asia Pacific operations. Throughout his career, Anthony has led numerous efforts to realign overall go-to-market strategies and drive the associated changes necessary for success.

Anthony received a First Class Honours Bachelor of Commerce from the National University of Ireland, Galway and a Diploma in International Management from EM Strasbourg Business School.

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Kurt Reisenberg

Kurt Reisenberg
General Manager, Finance Practice and Legal, Risk & Compliance Practice

With nearly two decades of experience at CEB, Kurt Reisenberg has a deep understanding…
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With nearly two decades of experience at CEB, Kurt Reisenberg has a deep understanding of how to help senior executives identify and adopt functional best practices that improve corporate performance.

A member of CEB's Corporate Leadership Team, Mr. Reisenberg oversees a number of membership programs designed to help clients advance business goals in the areas of finance, legal, risk management, strategy, operations, and procurement. He and his team are focused on helping executives tackle critical challenges in these functions, including identifying where finance and legal departments can create unique value for the enterprise; improving efficiency in processes such as the accounting close, strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, and resource allocation; implementing shared services strategies; understanding and responding to investor demands; and managing strategic, operational, and compliance risks.

Mr. Reisenberg has worked in various capacities during his tenure at CEB. In addition to his functional expertise in Finance, Legal, Risk & Compliance, and other areas, he has specific industry expertise in the financial services sector. He is an honors graduate of Brown University.

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Warren Thune

Warren Thune
General Manager, Information Technology Practice,
Human Resources Practice, and Government Practice

As a General Manager, Mr. Thune has overall responsibility for CEB's…
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Warren Thune has a deep understanding of how to equip senior executives and their teams with insight and actionable solutions to transform operations. During his career at CEB, Mr. Thune has worked with thousands of executives, across 30 different functional roles, to unlock the potential of organizations and leaders by advancing the science and practice of management.

As a General Manager, Mr. Thune has overall responsibility for CEB's HR, IT, PDRI, and Government practices as well as the firm's Global Research Office. For the HR and IT practices, he is responsible for leading the programs' research, decision support, and advisory service offerings. For PDRI, he works with the team to identify and execute growth within and outside of US Federal Government entities. In the Government practice, Mr. Thune leads the firmwide strategy effort to leverage CEB Leadership Council products and services to further develop CEB's Government relationships. For the Global Research Office, he works with the team to identify and then create and distribute scalable IP that can be used across CEB's customers. He is also a member of CEB's Corporate Leadership Team.

Mr. Thune has been with CEB since March 2004, previously spending over 10 years with Mercer Management Consulting/Oliver Wyman—the last three as a Senior Partner running the firm's San Francisco office. At Mercer, he concentrated on developing customer-focused corporate strategies across numerous industries. Mr. Thune received his MBA from the University of Chicago and his BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Robert Morgan

Robert Morgan
General Manager, CEB SHL Talent Measurement

Robert Morgan was named President and General Manager of SHL Talent Measurement in October 2012…
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Robert Morgan was named President and General Manager of SHL Talent Measurement in October 2012 and is responsible for this business worldwide.

Since joining SHL in April 2010, Robert served as Vice President of the company's Americas business until January 2011 when he was appointed as Chief Marketing Officer, leading the merger with Previsor and transforming the company’s go-to-market strategy, including an award-winning rebranding and repositioning. In January 2012, Robert was elevated to Chief Customer Officer, spearheading the company’s growth and expansion in the US, Asia Pac, Greater China and Europe, and playing an integral role in SHL's acquisition by CEB later that year.

Robert's experience spans three decades across all facets of the Human Resources (HR) market, with over 20 years of senior talent management experience. He served as Vice President of HR for Office Depot, headquartered in the US. He moved out of HR at Spherion, a global staffing and recruitment company where he ran the Employment Solutions business including the outsourcing and consulting business. While at Spherion he also served as President of The Saratoga Institute. Latterly, Robert served as President of Hudson’s Recruitment and Talent Management Business.

Robert has served on the advisory board for Brass Ring, The Florida Governors' Council for Workforce Initiatives and the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University and on the Advisory Board for HR.Com's Leadership and Quality of Hire boards. He has a degree in Economics from Wake Forest University.

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CEB in the Community

Firm values drive growth at CEB. As global community service is a cornerstone of the entire firms’ culture, the natural extension of the spirit of generosity is CEB in the Community. Our aim is to bring the spirit of generosity to the communities in which we work and live.

With a goal of an impactful global philanthropy program, we seek to partner with community service organizations that demonstrate alignment with our four firm values: Member Impact, the Spirit of Generosity, Force of Ideas, and Stewardship of Exceptional Talent. Our resources are directed so as to make our philanthropic partners even better at what they do and empower our employees to transform the communities they serve.

Learn More About CEB in the Community

Supplier Diversity

In line with CEB’s continuous efforts to engage the local community through philanthropy and business relations, and CEB’s commitment to achieving minority spend goals provided by federal and local agencies, CEB is actively enhancing our Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Program.

To encourage inclusion, CEB is actively including small and socioeconomically diverse suppliers in sourcing activities where possible. Our sourcing efforts are aimed at providing opportunities for diverse suppliers (companies owned and operated in a HUBZONE, certified as 8(a), and/or owned and operated by minorities, women, or veterans). It is CEB’s goal to continue to grow its Supplier Diversity Program to “Best in Class” levels.

CEB’s primary purchases include; Professional Services, Staff Augmentation Services, Technology; including Software and Hardware, and Specialized/Niche Services specific to our industry, in addition to traditional procurements related to running a global services related footprint.

If you are qualified as one of the following small businesses as defined by the Small Business Administration (www.sba.gov), and would like to be considered as a potential Supplier, please contact us:

  • Small Businesses, as defined by your industry NAICS Code
  • HUBZone
  • Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
  • 8(a) – qualified by the SBA
  • Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB)
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
  • Women Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Native American, Hawaiian, and Alaskan Native
  • Historically Black Colleges, Universities or Minority Institutes and Organizations

CEB will reach out to your organization once we have qualified your business and, when and if there are opportunities that match your firm’s capabilities. To assist with reviewing your capabilities, please include any relevant supporting documentation and a means to contact you. This statement does not guarantee business awards, nor does it obligate CEB to purchase anything from your Firm.

If you would like work with CEB please contact our Small Business Liaison – Andrew Gnage – agnage@executiveboard.com or via mail – Attention Andrew Gnage, CEB Global Procurement, 1919 N. Lynn St., Arlington, VA 22209, USA.