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New Iconoculture Insight: Connecting with Local Customers

CCC has partnered with Iconoculture to bring you the latest in global consumer trends.  Below is our bi-weekly update featuring the latest Iconoculture insights available now on the CCC site.

The rise of location-based daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial reflect an increasing customer focus on local products and services. According to Google, 20% of all PC-based internet searches are local in nature. On mobile phones, the number is as high as 33%.

And that’s not all. From local deals to local food, customers are increasingly using the web to interact with businesses right outside their doorsteps.

This is good news for retailers – many have started to capitalize on the shift to local consciousness. Walmart, for example, recently launched a “My Local Walmart” app that allows Facebook users to connect with local stores. Accessed through the store’s Facebook page, shoppers can input their zip code and “Like” their local store to get promotion details, event information, and region-specific product offers. Walmart is also working on a feature that will let shoppers use the app to interact with area sales associates.

By using social media tools to personalize (and “localize”) customers’ experiences, Walmart is making its large brand feel smaller and more manageable.  The app is also helping the company surface opportunities for value-added contact that can build customer loyalty – specifically by providing customers with local product offers and event information in the hopes of driving them to area stores.

Customer service organizations can learn from this approach. Many use proactive contact to avoid customer calls, but often overlook opportunities to increase revenue through value-added messaging. When used correctly, proactive value-added contact can improve the customer experience and lower customer effort.

Walgreens, for example, recognized that customers who interact with the company in more than one channel were three times more valuable than customers who interacted in just one channel. So, as part of a new multi-channel customer loyalty strategy, Walgreens launched a suite of mobile pharmacy services – including a “Refill by Scan” mobile app, a personalized customer prescription history report, and opt-in prescription text alerts. The company is also planning to launch a pilot to give customers the option to refill a prescription just by responding to a text alert.

Through this strategy, Walgreens successfully incorporates its services in a customer’s life by making local pharmacy services both easy and convenient.

Do you use value-added proactive contact to surface opportunities to increase customer usage of your products?  Tell us below!

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