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Engaging Retiree Employees in Contact Centers

Posted on  16 March 11  by 


By Kirsten Robinson

So, you’ve been Sourcing the Retiree Labor Pool—as we recently blogged about—to help fill voids at your company left by retiring Baby Boomers. Now what?

Yes, retiree employees are known for embodying traits such as experience, perseverance and strong work ethic. But this doesn’t mean that less effort is required to keep them engaged and incented to stay with your company.

In fact, it’s the opposite—older workers, especially those employed seasonally, often lack long-term commitment to organizations. Your company must appeal to retirees’ specific value drivers to improve engagement and retention. Older age segments have more extensive work and life experiences—therefore they value unique organizational traits.

Here are some important factors to consider when planning how to get retirees embedded into the organization:

Value Drivers

Your organization’s value proposition is made up of a variety of elements; and each employee segment will be attracted to different attributes. Honing in on which value drivers are most important to your retiree employees will help your company develop a plan for engagement.

Younger Workers’ Most Valued Drivers Older Workers’ Most Valued Drivers
-Career opportunity -Compensation
-Camaraderie -Organizational commitment to ethics/integrity

There are a number of simple practices that can be used to appeal to retirees by matching their value drivers—e.g., reward and recognition programs, flexible scheduling/shift swaps, and rotational opportunities for off-the-phone work.

View our full case study to see the difference in value drivers between male and female retirees.

Long-Term Retention

Motivate employees to return year after year—especially if they’re employed on a seasonal basis. Retention not only decreases recruiting and training costs, but also results in improved subject-matter expertise. Companies often provide product-specific rewards, as well as year-round health benefits.

See examples of how other companies offered incentives to retain employees.


CCC members, view the complete research in our white paper on Hiring Retirees in Contact Centers. Also, be sure to check out our topic center on Increasing Employee Engagement.

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