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How Kraft Foods Communicates the Corporate Brand on Facebook

Why does Marketing seem to have all the fun with new media? Brand managers get to experiment with flashy Facebook pages and micro-sites to drive product awareness and purchase. Corporate communicators are often relegated to simply Tweeting the company’s latest financial statements.

Not all Communications teams are accepting their fates as the “corporate” voice of the company! We’ve shared solid examples from Deloitte and MoneyGram who are using Facebook to unite global audiences around the company, not just its brands. Likewise, Kraft Foods’ Company Facebook page builds connections with stakeholders by providing updates on news and global initiatives.

We like the page because it’s working toward two main social media objectives: ‘listening’ and ‘connecting’ with stakeholders worldwide. This strategy is reflected in the design of its landing page, the choice of tabs, and rich global content.

So, what is it that makes the Kraft Foods – Corporate page ‘liked’ by its followers?

  1. Defined raison d’être: Kraft Foods uses its corporate Facebook page as a common platform for all company news and global events and to listen and connect with its target audience. This distinguishes it from other Kraft Foods Facebook pages like the Kraft Recipes and Tips page which focuses on North American audiences or the Oreo page for cookie loyalists.
  2. Targeted Audiences: Kraft Foods ensures that it distinguishes between its primary and secondary audiences, and pushes nuggets of information that are of interest to the primary audience (namely media, NGO’s and socially engaged individuals).
  3. Branded Design and Content: The Kraft Foods – Corporate Facebook page embraces Kraft Foods’ brand identity by using brand colors and imagery. By posting Kraft Foods’ history, CSR initiatives, company announcements and polls, Kraft Foods’ page successfully brings the corporate brand to life.
  4. Facebook Owners: Kraft Foods focuses on building a personalized touch to the ‘digital’ medium. In addition to introducing the social media team, Kraft Foods shares their photographs, area of expertise and favorite Kraft Foods brands. This approach of ‘know whom you’re talking to’ is continued further by the team in its interaction with Kraft Foods followers.

Kraft Foods’ – Corporate Facebook page shows how a company can use Facebook’s strengths and design it to suit its corporate goals. It’s informal and fun characteristic encourages consumers to share opinions and stay connected.

Visit our CEC Insight page on Kraft Foods’ Global Facebook Page to learn more about what the company is getting right on Facebook and the potential risks its up against, including:

  • High “pull” of well-known Kraft Foods Facebook pages
  • Establishing internal support

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